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>> Thursday, September 20, 2007

So did you all enjoy your "Talk like a Pirate" Day? I know my family, and my friends over at PDW sure did! We hung a pirate flag outside our home, I taught my son (6) a new pirate song, and we rented a couple of pirate movies. As if we didnt have enough movies. Lol. We all had such a good time we decided to keep celebrating through the weekend at our house! Who says you cant have enough Pirate stuff in your life. Its all good, and we are all having a good time. :o) I assume you all had a great time with all of your pirate pics! Did you get lots to scrap? If not, look around your town. You may be surprised, you might have a Pirate festival coming up. I just found we do! I was shocked and pleasently surprised. So I look foward to taking my lil pirate! And his Cousin matey's! This should be fun!

So do you have some pirate picks that need to be scrapped? Well check out what I whipped out this week in honor of the Talk like a Pirate day!

Pretty cool huh? I love them! I cant wait to scrap them myself! They'll be perfect for my Scurvy Pirate at home. :o) What about yours? Swing by me store to pick up a little Pirate booty for yourself. At $2 a piece these treasures are hard to pass up.

Here's a little sampler to get you started on your Layouts of your Bucaneer's at home!

Link Expired

Dont forget to tell all of your friends, and leave some love! :o)

And for those of you who have stayed loyal to my newsletter be on the look out for an additional freebie! That looks like this one! It went out in a newsletter to you all! Make sure to check your junk mail folder just in case it got slipped in there. :o)

:o) Happy Scrapping!


Nancy P,  12:28 AM  

Wonderful freebie - my gran dson is pirate crazy! Thank you so much - for this and the word art!

MiKiko,  3:55 PM  

It's great!! Thank you!!

Anonymous,  4:44 PM  

Wow just opened my email - thank you!!! You didn't have to do it but I appreciate that you did! :D

Fantacy so Sweet-n-Stuff... 7:49 PM  

LOL love it...and i just found the perfect pic to scrap with it...it is one you have already seen but it just hit me how perfect it would go with this!
*had to post it here too so you would have it forever and ever and ever...this comment that is P) (that's my pirate smiley, he's winkin at ya with his patched eye...that's why you can't see it lol)

nwfotobug 4:56 PM  

There was a problem with the sign up of my newsletter. but all is repaired now, for those of you who were trying to sign up. :o) Kris

leealice 4:49 PM  

check out my blog....I used yor freebie!

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