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>> Monday, July 02, 2007

Yeeeehhhhaaawwww! Its Cowboy Christmas! (Atleast in these parts.) Does anyone know what Cowboy Christmas is? Just in case you dont, let me tell you all about it! :o) Cowboy Christmas is the one time of year that Cowboys work the hardest and make the most money. The PRCA has more Rodeos during the 4th of July Holiday than any other time of year, so the Cowboys race from one rodeo to the next trying to hit as many Rodeo's as the can during the holidays. Nowadays Cowboys actually fly so they can hit more rodeos, can you imagine? In the Pacific Northwest we have as many as four Rodeo's this week St Paul Rodeo, Molalla Buckaroo, Ft Vancouver, & Toppenish.

These are the highest paying rodeo's as well, people will pay the big bucks during this time, to draw in the big name cowboys. And they all want to be the next big name. The cowboy way of life is like no other. Cowboys take the biggest beatings for the lowest pay, and they do it because they have a reputation of being the toughest, the bravest, and the best of the best. If you dont believe it, try and sit on a raging bull for 8 seconds and see if you can do it. But this is the Cowboy way of life, and their aint no whining, they are tough and they will get the job done. This is what I admire about the cowboy. So if you have a rodeo in your neck of the woods, go check them out. It is worth seeing. And if Rodeo is not your cup of tea, than thats ok, but you wont walk away empty handed. Because if cowboys riding livestock is not your thing, the wrangler butts will definetly bring you back for more. :o) So what are you waiting for? Go Cowboy up, and catch yourself a rodeo during Cowboy Christmas.

Ok, so now that you are educated in what cowboy christmas is, how about checking out this paper pack I made in honor of it all:

You can find this beauty at my store at This paper pack includes 5 pieces of paper all introducing different phases of Rodeo. It includes two saddlebronc papers, a barrel racing page, one bull riding, and one bull fighting. And if you are looking for a little bit more. Check out this Freebie I whipped out to go with it.

Link Expired

This little freebie has one paper of Wild Horse racing, One overlay, and one torn tag. It is a great add on to the paper pack shown above. I hope you enjoy it. And please feel free to send me any links to your layouts. I would love to see them. Have a great Cowboy Christmas and stay tuned for more goodies this week! Also, if you havent had the chance, check out my other goodies below. Happy Scrapping!


Happy Scrap Girl 10:42 AM  

Love it Kris, thanks for sending me the link! I'll post it later today.

SAHM 11:42 AM  

Kris - I've heard of Cowboy Christmas before, never knew the story behind it -- wow! And, yep, Bull Riding *is* the toughest eight seconds -- know someone who did it "before pads." Three concussions and he gave it up. Thanks for your lovely kit - won't be seeing any ridin' or buckin' but best of viewing for you!

Phyllis,  12:12 PM  

Thank you so much for today's freebie! Living in NC I don't get to see many rodeos (except on TV and that just isn't the same) but do love horses and the Western way of life (my father was born and raised in Colorado so it's in my blood). Can also appreciate those good looking tight wrangler butts!

Anonymous,  1:08 PM  

Never heard of Cowboy Christmas before either, but appreciate the freebie ans I have an Up and coming barrel racer! Thanks for sharing!

PSharp 3:09 PM  

Thank you for the great freebie.

Anonymous,  4:19 PM  

Thank You! :D

JillSF 5:02 PM  

Great paper - we don't have rodeos here in Aussie but I have some cute pics of my children taken about 30 years ago in cowboy dressups. Thanks

Melberry 6:20 AM  

Fabulous artwork, Kris. Thanks so much.

Anonymous,  8:21 AM  

Hi Kris - love your work! I confess I'm a rodeo fan. I grew up going to lot's of them, but for living in the (upper)midwest I can't seem to find too many good ones around here. I follow the PBR mostly now. And every couple of years I head to Vegas to attend the NFR. Keep up the awesome work, we really do aprreciate all you do!

Scrapcat4914 8:32 AM  

Wow just learn something new!!!
TY so very much for the info & the awesome freebie!!!!!!!!!

~Sasha Farina~ 5:00 PM  

Just wanna send u a huge huge thank you!! I just downloaded 4 latest freebies... they're awesome! *hugs*

Kristy C,  5:30 AM  

What fun - being born & raised in Michigan, I've never heard of Cowboy Christmas before...yee haw! :o)
I've only been to one local SMALL rodeo - but even that was a bunch of fun. I have some cute pics of my kids so the freebie will come in handy! THANKS!

Anonymous,  1:24 PM  

I love this! I've been looking for something cowboy for my little "cowgirl"! Thank you so much!

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