Lady of the Nigh

>> Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sorry its been so quiet. I've been ill the past few days. Didnt even go to the gym until today, now you know I'm feeling crummy. Lol. I even missed my pilates class... But I'm feeling much better... Have you ever tried this stuff called Vita Splash? Wow, this stuff is amazing.... I cant say enough about it... I bounced back quick with this stuff... it comes in a few varieties all listed below. I might try a few more of these others, since I thought so highly of hte Immune boost...... is all you do is add it to water and drink... kind of like crystal light...

You gotta try these....

Well, on to more beautiful things. Lol. I was a little creative tonight, and whipped out this cute little kit called the "Lady of the Nigh" yep, you got it Nigh not to be confused with night.... No typo this time, though I'm sure you will find plenty more with my awful typing. lol. So check out this baby.... I love it...

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Anonymous,  5:46 AM  

it's beautiful thank you

Scrapcat4914 9:28 AM  

Pretty TY very much!!

Glenda,  11:15 AM  

Thank you for the cute little freebie

Jonni 12:57 PM  

You are so funny with your Lady of the Nigh. The freebie is beautiful. Thank you so much!


BrittneyL,  2:27 PM  

So pretty! Thanks xoxox

Peggie 6:09 PM  

I love this kit also. It is beautiful.Thank you.

korib,  6:23 PM  

Thanks for the great freebie...and I must concur on the vitasplash drinks...the fiber one is great! Can't even tell you are drinking of supplement.

Pooh 6:41 PM  

I love your Lady of the Nigh....

Vicki (Chickivaney),  9:59 PM  

Thanks so much, and glad you're feeling better!

Joanna 4:20 AM  

Thanks a lot for the two latest freebies - I love your stuff!

rachel 8:04 PM  

This is truly unique, and you don't see a whole lot of that lately! gorgeous! Thank you!

And I dig the "get fuzzy". Never saw that before!

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