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>> Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well I was in the mood to design something tonight, and I couldnt come up with anything, so I decided on some word art, on my sisters request. They are pretty simple, but you should find them quite useful. I would love to see what you did with them, if you used them in your layout. Please shoot me a holler with a link of where you have your lo uploaded. Thanks. And keep on scrapping....

**** Revised***
I have removed my Disney Word Art.... I was informed that it was a copyright infringement. And I sure dont want any part of that. I assumed that using a free font called Walt Disney would be fine to use as a free word art. Since I was not collecting any money for it. My bad. Sorry for the confusion. I hope that I did not offend anyone. No harm was meant. Thank you for you're understanding.


Dana 1:37 AM  

Wow - these are so cute, thank you !!

Laura 7:48 AM  

Thank you for saring these. We spend the winter only minutes from the DIsney Vero Resort in Florida and take our little visitors there for breakfast with the characters. Thses will go great with photos I have taken.

LouAnn 9:23 AM  

Oh WOW I love these! We haven't been to disney yet, will in the fall so i'll hang on to these. THANK YOU!

PSharp 11:18 AM  

The word art is just wonderful. Thank you.

picturemommy 11:35 AM  

I just love word art!!!!

Anonymous,  12:43 PM  

fantastic!!! tfs!
:) M

Sharon-shutterbug 12:55 PM  

Can't wait to get a closer look at these - thanks for sharing!

faery-wings 4:47 AM  

TY so much!

2rejoyce 7:25 AM  

So sorry I missed these! I would not have thought about it being wrong either since I do not sell anything.

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