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>> Friday, February 23, 2007

Were you wondering what you were going to do with that Poker Party kit now that you have downloaded it? Here's a sample layout I did from a party last month... My party is coming up tomorrow night, so I should have more pics from that. :o) Maybe I'll have to make that add on pack to Poker Party so that I will have more to work with. You can never have enough huh? Any suggestions on what you would like to see in the Poker Party Add On Pack?

(to view image larger, just click on it)

Texas Hold 'em Credits:
Paper - Poker Party AOP
Elements - Poker Party Kit (see below)
Circles - Hip Chic Doodles by Tonya Doughty
Technique for the photo is shown on Misty Cato's blog. (Pst... she's got some awesome stuff over there. Go check it out)
Fonts used - AcebinghamSH (verbage), Barber Shop (Date), Bettys Hand (Descriptions)


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